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This module contains everything you need to get started using the CallScripter Learning Management System (LMS) and the CallScripter training system, as well as contacts should you experience any problems and need additional help.

CallScripter runs in Internet Explorer.  To ensure the software behaves as expected you will need to make some changes to the settings.  Find out more in this module.

Some of the later modules include a ready-built CallScripter script, saved as an .exp file.  This should be downloaded, and if possible, imported onto your own CallScripter installation.  This will allow users to focus on the key learning points, rather than having to create entirely new scripts for each exercise.

If you do not have access to an installation, please contact, and we will usernames and passwords for our own training system.

If you are using the CallScripter training system you can find the URL details in this module.