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This module provides an excellent overview of script building, from the basic concept of building a script, right through to more complex functions involving importing data and improving the script appearance. 

  • Each course is modular, so you decide how far to progress depending on your requirements
  • Basic script building
  • Advanced script building and features

This course covers the basic principles of script building, including:

  • Creating Customers, Scripts and Versions
  • Working with Script Pages, and Setting Page Properties
  • Adding and Working with System Controls
  • Linking Pages
  • Checking and Testing the Script
  • Making the Script Live

In this section learn how to carry and display useful data:

  • Using Script Variables to collect and display data to an agent
  • Adding Used controls, control duplicates that replicate behaviour when placed on another script page
  • Using the Toolbar Label control to display data at the top and bottom of the screen for reference purposes
  • Using Hidden fields to collect but not display data

Information (for example, emails) can be sent during or after a script run:

  • Learn how to send an email during a script run, based on a linked report to determine the data sent
  • Create a basic text report to determine what data is sent in the email, and link this to a Report Runner control in the script
  • Using the Insert Task Control, send an email at a set time after the script is closed, ideal for issuing reminders to customers and contact

Further formatting options:

  • Using Field Validation to ensure data is collected in the correct format
  • Using JavaScript to carry out basic formatting functions
  • Changing the behaviour of text entered in a script field to numbers

Learn how to:

  • Use Option controls in a script, allowing an agent to select options from List Boxes, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, etc
  • Use simple code to make the script direction change based on options selected

Learn how to import and export data to/from CallScripter by using:

  • The Lookup control (allowing an agent to search for a piece of non-unique data)
  • The External Data Source (triggered on either page load or button click, allowing data to be imported by searching for a piece of unique data)
  • The Table Control (display a grid of data for an agent to view and select as necessary)

This demonstrates cover importing data, a short demonstration is also available to show how to export data

Learn how information can be obtained via accessing webpages or frequently asked questions:

  • Launched in a separate Window (using JavaScript Buttons and Text Label Hyperlinks)
  • Embedded in the script page (using Webframeset Controls and iFrame Controls)
  • Add and manage frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Learn how to:

  • Adding images to script pages
  • Use StyleSheets to apply formatting and images to every script page
  • Apply JavaScript to modify the background colour of a page
  • Use Floating Controls to use "absolute positioning" for a control or a group of controls

Learn how to:

  • Create and manage templates, allowing commonly used script pages to be saved and used as necessary
  • Create compound controls - groups of controls that can be saved and used as necessary

Continual improvements are made to the learning management system, so we're keen to find out how you found this first module.  Regardless of how far you go this questionnaire can be completed to tell us about your user experience.  It should only take a minute or so to complete - most questions are simply yes/no responses, with three questions at the end to tell us more if necessary. 

Your feedback is very much appreciated.