Interactive Intelligence

This module contains specialised  training created for our ININ partners and customers.

  • Includes links to the CallScripter and ININ User Guides
  • View the CallScripter overview video (ideal for sales people) - a quick features and benefits glossary
  • Installation and Setup (coming soon)

Find the links to the:

  • ININ User Guide (detailing set-up and configuration, as well as an overview of ININ controls)
  • CallScripter User Guide (for generic functionality)

This module will:

  • Provide the datasheets and material needed to help you sell CallScripter
  • A video to train you on the key features and benefits
  • Other content TBC

This module will describe how to set up CallScripter ready to interact with the dialer:

  • Use the Service Manager module to implement global settings
  • Install the relevant Plugins
  • Use the Application Settings to implement per-user or machine settings